Being one step ahead – with quality control


One of the things that makes the Nordic alcohol retail market unique is the high level of scrutiny the Monopolies give their products. In addition to the comparative sensory tastings they also have their laboratory compare the chemical profiles of wines to ensure that the correct wine is being delivered.

The Monopolies are constantly increasing the amount of laboratory analysis being performed so we feel that it is important to stay one step ahead. As part of our forward vision, Solera Beverage Group has built an inhouse wine laboratory to ensure our products always are in line with the highest quality standards.

We have sourced winery grade lab equipment to enable us to perform the following analysis: Alcohol %, pH, Total Acidity Density, Residual Sugar, Free and Total S02 and dissolved C02.
Our laboratory gives us a strong edge in comparison to other importers in the Nordic market. It allows us to diagnose and resolve quality problems before they can threaten a product listing.

In the very competitive Nordic market we find it extremely important to focus on quality and quality control. As the Monopolies make all their purchase based solely on a sensoric tasting, we put a lot of time and resources into finding wines that best correspond to what they ask for.

We have found it extremely successful to work closely with our partners, and visit them at their wineries to work on blends that best suit the tenders from the Monopolies. This hard work has paid off as you can see on our sales growth.

We work continuously to make certain that our listing maintain their quality and regularly taste new batches throughout a vintage. Equally important as participating in tenders is working proactively.

Especially in Sweden, part of our work is finding niches for every producer and to use their individual advantages when proposing new tenders for Systembolaget. What we are looking for are tenders that will be very attractive towards the Monopoly and that are based on the unique strengths of our producers.



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