Brand Management


”Experience has shown us that a great Brand Manager is of utmost importance for a brand to succeed”
Solera has highly competent and passionate Brand Managers with a wealth of experience and strong track records in brand-building, portfolio management, profitability and market knowledge.

• It starts with strategic market planning, where we identify the growth opportunities for each brand.

• Every Brand Manager is driven by passion and the urge to exceed expectations, which has helped us to develop many strong brands already in previous years.

• Not all of our partners are big brands – if you have less experience or fewer resources, our Brand Managers will help you to develop.

• Consumer knowledge gained through market research underpins this, while we will help to align your brand with our buyers.

• We have access to plenty of industry events, providing ongoing chances for networking.

• Finally, remember your brand will not be built in isolation – we also have one of the industry’s largest on-trade sales forces, so each Brand Manager will work to place your products for maximum output.



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